Tasman Wheelers Points Series Competitions


The Series will comprise three competitions:

Saturday Points Series

Tuesday Points Series (when raced)



Points awarded include for attendance at the Skills and Safety Clinic, Race Attendance, Race Performance and Volunteer Service.


Points Allocation


Points Series Competitions (Saturday and Tuesday)

Skills and Safety Clinic (20 pts)

Rostered Volunteer Duty (17 pts)

Additional Volunteer Duty (12 pts)

Race Attendance (10 pts)

Performance (top 10 within category – A to D) 1st place 10 pts – 10th place 1 pt)

Two Stage Races Performance points (top 10 within category) apply to both stages.

Ties: Ties broken by Safety Clinic Attendance, followed by most wins, then most second places, etc. Final tie breaker is highest Attendance Points total.


KOM/QOM/JOM Competition

Points earned on selected hilltop finishes based on performance (top 10) within category.

Highest points totals overall (independent of category) determines winners.

Note: Points are allocated within category; winners are determined by comparing points across categories. (The winner could just as easily be a D Grade rider as an A Grade rider).

Ties: Same as for points series competitions.





  • The Series Competitions will recognise the top three male, female and junior riders in each category. [Junior riders qualify when under 19].

  • Performance points are not transferrable between categories. Attendance points apply to whatever category the rider chooses.

  • Riders must participate in at least half the series races within a category to be eligible for prizes.

  • For continuity and fair competition, riders are encouraged to begin a series within the appropriate category. Riders deemed to be consistently riding above the ability of their selected category may be automatically upgraded.

  • E Grade is considered a social grade and as such are not eligible for points.