To provide a systematic procedure to consider all incidents and complaints. 
In all cycle events, meetings and actions by an individual or group there will be occasions when an individual or group wishes to complain about the actions of another individual or group. 
In order that these complaints can be handled in a satisfactory manner for all concerned, a clear set of guidelines needs to be in place and followed. PURPOSE: To ensure that there are appropriate procedures in place to deal with general concerns and complaints appropriately and in a way that complies with the requirements of: 

  1. Respect to all parties.

  2. To acknowledge that every person has the right to express their concerns and feelings in a confidential and appropriate way.

  3. To accept that everybody in the cycling community has the right to be protected from irrational, unfounded or misdirected allegations.

  4. To ensure that the good name of the Tasman Wheelers Cycling Club and all those associated with it are protected at all times.

  5. To work towards conflict resolution in a positive manner.



  • There will be consistency and fairness in the manner to which complaints are attended to and a time frame given.

  • There will be opportunity offered for the concern/complaint to be resolved.

  • Every endeavour will be made to ensure the concern/complaint does not have a negative effective on the Tasman Wheelers Cycling Club.

  • A focus will be made on the issues not the personalities.

  • The procedure will maintain the dignity and privacy of those involved.

  • It is not advised to enter into an “email trail” or exposure through various forms of social media but to refer the complainant to the correct procedural steps required.

  • Through the Tasman Wheeler’s Cycling Club website all club members and officials will be informed of the correct procedures should they wish to complain.

  • The correct procedural steps (laminated) will be available to the delegated Race Manager for each race event. This will be incorporated as part of the race TMP information.




  1. When dealing with complaints, the concept of respect to all parties is important, i.e. considering both sides of the story, establishing the facts, and reaching a fair decision in confidence. 

  2. A complaint should, in the first instance be directed to the delegated Race Manager who is responsible for the club race organisation at that particular time which the problem has occurred. 

  3. If the event is of a regional or national standard it will likely have a designated Commissaire who will adjudicate over any incidents or complaints on the day. 

  4. All complaints to be recorded by the Race Manager as notified in the first instance. 

​If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on the day then it should be directed to the Tasman Wheelers Cycling Club’s designated complaints sub-committee as a written complaint. 
The Complaints – Incidents Sub-committee will comprise of:  
Club Captain, 2 experienced designated club committee members and a grade representative. 

  • Note: Verbal complaints will not be accepted by anyone on the sub-committee.

  • If the complaint is still not resolved then a written complaint needs to be directed to the Chairperson to be placed on the club’s agenda if considered appropriate by the Chairperson. If the complaint is deemed serious and inconclusive the complaint as presented in writing should be discussed In-committee.

  • Verbal or informal emailed complaints will not to be accepted by the Chairperson.

​5.    Disclaimer Statement:

  • If there are any statements and /or discussions proffered outside of any pending complaints process action, eg. via any form of social media, then the original complaint will be deemed null and void.

  • This particularly refers to discrediting “email trails”, or deliberations via all forms of “social media”.


​REFERENCE TO UCI REGULATIONS: Discipline and Procedures 

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The Tasman Wheelers Cycling Club is always open to the possibility of positive change, and attending to concerns and complaints provides this opportunity. Complaints that are dealt with urgently, along an understood set of guidelines, with the aim of being fair to all concerned, will enhance the probability of a resolution of the conflict.