Summer Super Omnium Series  2019


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The Codgers Velodrome group have had some great racing in their Omnium Series
over the 6 weeks Mid October to the end of November at the Saxton Velodrome
every Wednesday.


A good core of experienced Trackies have turned out to compete in the Omnium


This series has consisted of short and sharp 333m races, Elimination (Devil)events,
handicap distance(1500m) and longer (2500m) endurance races.
They have also enjoyed splitting up the riders into teams for the Italian Pursuit for a bit of
fun. In this event the slowest to the fastest riders in each team race one lap at top speed
against each other.


Points were amassed throughout the 6 weeks with those turning out on a regular
basis were rewarded.


Roger Smith was the overall winner of the series and certainly was rewarded for
consistently turning out to race each week.


We have seen some great tussles for race places between Brett Grimwood, a skilful
and powerful trackie and the lesser track experienced Steve Brough who is gaining
power and speed with every race.

Others with potential have been Phil Little and Lisa Mann. Both of these riders have plenty
of speed right to the finishing line.

Another consistent rider has been newcomer Steve Gundry who turns up to actively
compete in a good spirit.

Both Don McLean and Trevor Cameron have shown they are good trackies when then they
are available to compete.


Our NZ One Hour over 75 record holder, Roger Bates, has been competing with
determination and speed however regretfully of late he has had to withdraw from
the competition. He is recovering well after a mishap earlier in the season that
stopped the pedals turning for a while.


Organisers of the Omnium Series, Malcolm Saunders and Murray Cameron, have
thoroughly enjoyed administering the series and will no doubt be running another
one in 2020 later in the season.


The Wednesday velodrome group will finish racing for this year on 14 December and
recommence 15 January 2020.


There is likely to be another big Velodrome Carnival planned for the end of March
2020 so anyone wanting to build their speed for their road racing this is the best
chance to come and have a go.
We welcome road bikes and if sufficient interest we will run separate roadie events.


We are a currently reviewing our initial velodrome group name of Codgers to .... well
who knows....... could be something like VELO WHEELERS.
Let us know if you have any good ideas for a new name going into a new and exciting track
racing era in 2020!!


Keep fit. Get faster. Build your racing skills. Come track racing.


Have a great Christmas and New Year break.
Murray Cameron & Malcolm Saunders
Velodrome Racing Co-ordinators