Hope Circuit

This is one of our Saturday & Tuesday race courses that is used for Spring, Summer and the Winter series. The route can be viewed on Strava here: https://www.strava.com/routes/22788339

Registration is at start/finish area on Aniseed Valley Road:

This course includes laps of Aniseed Valley Rd / Patton Road / Clover Road East / Haycock Road circuit. Laps begin and end at about 200 metres before the junction of Aniseed Valley Rd and Paton Road:

A-Grade 9 laps = 42km
B-Grade 8 laps = 38km
C-Grade 8 laps = 38km
D-Grade 7 laps = 32km

D-Grade 6 laps = 28km

(The number of laps are subject to change on the day due to weather and daylight conditions)

Route Description

From the registration at Aniseed Valley Road, the race is neutral until after turning left onto Paton Road and passing Hope School. Racing begins when all riders have passed Hope School. There will be a marshal on the Aniseed Valley Rd and Paton Rd intersection and you must obey their instructions.

The race then follows Paton Road until reaching Clover Road East. There will be a marshal at this intersection and you must obey their instruction. The race then turns left onto Clover Road East. When climbing the short hill at the end of Clover Road East it is important to keep to the left side of the road as it is not possible to get a clear view of oncoming traffic.


At the end of Clover Road East, there is a clear junction where riders turn left onto Haycock Road. Road rules apply here and riders must give way to other traffic appropriately

The race then continues along Haycock Road until returning to Aniseed Valley Road. There will be a marshal at this intersection and you must obey their instruction. Riders then turn left on to Aniseed Valley Road and continue to the start/finish where the first lap will be completed.

Racing continues until all laps are completed. Please ensure to keep the finish area clear for subsequent grades to finish their races.