Mahana Circuit

This is one of our Saturday race courses that is used for both Spring, Summer and the Winter series. The route can be viewed on Strava here:

Registration is at Mahana School in the Moutere.

This course includes laps of Old Coach Road / Nuttall Road / Gardner Valley Road / Best Road / George Harvey Road circuit. Laps begin and end at the junction of George Harvey Road and Old Coach Road:

A-Grade 7 laps = 57km
B-Grade 6 laps = 49km
C-Grade 6 laps = 49km
D-Grade 5 laps = 41km

E (Social) -Grade 4 laps = 32km

(The number of laps are subject to change on the day due to weather and daylight conditions. The Winter Series is usually 1 lap shorter.)


Route Description

From the registration at Mahana School, the race is neutral along Old Coach Road, Across Dominion Road and to the top of the first short hill on Old Coach Road. Racing begins after the crest of the first hill after crossing Old Coach Road when everybody is together just before the start of Nuttall Road.



















  • The race then follows Old Coach Road onto Nuttall Road. Care must be taken descending Nuttall Road and riders must keep left at all times.

  • At the end of Nuttall Road, there should be a marshall who will indicate whether it is safe to turn left onto Gardner Valley Road. Riders must stop if indicated to do so by the marshall. ​

  • After riding down Gardner Valley Road, riders will turn left onto Best Road and then carry on onto George Harvey Road. Riders must keep left when cresting the short rises along this stretch of road. ​

  • Before coming to the end of George Harvey Road, riders will cross the start line about 300 - 400 meters before the left turn back onto Old Coach Road. Crossing the finish line marks the start and end of each lap.​

  • When riders finish, it is important that they must keep riding to keep the finish area clear for the next grade to finish.