Marshall Duties


As part of the Tasman Wheelers Club you will be rostered on occasions to help with Marshall duties.


Marshalls are present for rider safety. Be prepared to stop riders if you have any doubts about the safety of the intersection.

  • Safety overrides any race situation that is occuring.

  • Marshalls are to stop riders not traffic.

  • Marshalls must be in hi visibility jackets and receive a race and safety briefing from the race Mananger.

  • If any rider fails to stop for the Marshall they are to be reported to the race mananger and will be refered to the committee under a heath and safety near miss.

  • Any abuse of the Marshalls will not be tolerated.


At the Tasman Wheelers we pride ourselves on providing a safe enviroment to race on the open roads. The Committee will always support the Marshalls decision to stop the riders if they feel the riders are not 100% safe to proceed.