The Valleys

This course is for the CNZ National Road Series 2021. The route can be viewed on Strava here:

Registration is at start area at Brightwater Stock Yard, River Terrace Rd, Brightwater.


Route Description

From the registration at River Terrace Road, the race goes up River Terrace Road to Lee Valley Road. Continue up Lee Valley Road until the cones just before the Mead Road Bridge. Turn at the cones to return down Lee Valley Road. There will be a marshal here and their instructions must be followed.

The race then comes back down Lee Valley Road and back onto River Terrace Road until the left turn for Mount Heslington Road. Turn left onto Mount Heslington Road and follow until Higgins Road. Turn left onto Higgins Road and then left onto Bridge Valley Road. 

Follow Bridge Valley Road until reach Gibbs Valley Road. This section is gravel until reaching Church Valley Road. Turn left onto Church Valley Road and continue for approximateley 4.2kms to the finish on Church Valley Road.