Tuesday - Lee Valley / Mt Heslington Circuit

This is one of our 'Tuesday Blast' race courses. The route can be viewed on Strava here: https://www.strava.com/routes/22903922

Registration is at Papps Carpark, Richmond.

This course includes going up Lee Valley Road and back and then 1 lap of the River Terrace Rd / SH6 / Robertson Road / Lord Rutherford Road / Higgins Road / Mount Heslington Road / River Terrace Road circuit. The final lap begins and ends at the finish line on River Terrace Road:

Approximate distance for all grades = 34km

(The distance up the Lee Valley is subject to change on the day due to weather and daylight conditions.)


Route Description

From the registration at Papps Carpark, the race is neutral along SH6 to Three Brothers roundabout and then across the roundabout staying on SH6. Racing begins when you see a 'Cycle Race' sign about 100 to 200 meters after the roundabout. Make sure all riders are together after crossing the roundabout.

  • The race then continues along SH6 to Brightwater for about 7kms when you will turn left onto River Terrace Road.

  • Continue along River Terrace Road South until it becomes Lee Valley Road and continue for approximately 6km until turning at the cones and returning down the Lee Valley. It is very important to keep left on this road, especially over the crests of the hills.​

  • After riding down the Lee Valley and back onto River Terrace Road, continue until crossing the finish line and to the end of River Terrace Road where the race turns left onto SH6 where there will be a marshal. You must obey the instructions of the marshal here before turning left onto SH6. ​

  • The race then continues along SH6 until turning left onto Robertson Road and then immediately bearing right onto Lord Rutherford Road South.

  • Continue along Lord Rutherford Road South until it becomes Higgins Road and then turn left onto Mount Heslington Road. It is very important to keep left on this road, especially over the crests of the hills near the cemetery and around the back of the circuit.