Waimea West / Palmers Road / Golden Hills Finish

This is one of our 'Tuesday Blast' race courses. The route can be viewed on Strava here:   https://www.strava.com/routes/22683752

Registration is at Papps Carpark in Richmond.

This course includes laps of Waimea West Rd / Palmers Road / Aldourie Road circuit. Laps begin and end at the junction of Waimea West Rd and Aldourie Road:

A-Grade 4 laps = 36km
B-Grade 3 laps = 30km
C-Grade 3 laps = 30km
D-Grade 2 laps = 25km

The number of laps are subject to change on the day due to weather and daylight conditions.


Route Description

From the registration at Papps Carpark, the race is neutral along SH6 to Three Brother's roundabout and then right onto SH60 and over the first bridge.

  • Racing begins after the bridge when you see a 'Cycle Race' sign. ​

  • The race then follows Appleby Highway across the Waimea River Bridge before turning left onto River Terrace Road.

  • At the end of River Terrace Road, there is a left turn onto Waimea West Road. ​

  • When the junction of Waimea West Road and Aldourie Road is reached, this marks the start/end of the laps for the race. ​

  • The first lap continues along Waimea West Road until reaching Palmers Road where riders will turn left onto Palmers Road.​

  • Racing continues to the end of Palmers Road and then turns left onto Aldourie Road.​

  • The end of Aldourie Road is the finish of the first lap and riders will turn left onto Waimea West Road and ride the rest of their laps. There will be a race marshal on this corner. You must obey the marshal's sign.

  • At the end of the final lap, riders will turn right onto Waimea West Road and continue to Challies Road where they will turn left onto Challies Road. ​

  • At the end of Challies Road, there is a left turn onto Golden Hills Road. 

The race will finish at the top of the hill at the end of Golden Hills Road.