Junior Tour Stages

March 2022

Stage 1: George Bennet Hill Climb

Friday 4 March 2022

Stage 1: George Bennett Hill Climb

Registration from 5 – 6.15pm.

Race Start: First riders away 6.30pm

This event is part of the tour and there will be an ‘open’ category for any other interested racers.

While the event it timed, actual time gaps do not count for the overall tour. Instead, the first 5 racers in each event get a time bonus deduction.

-10 sec for 1st, 7 sec for 2nd, 5 sec for 3rd, 3 sec for 4th, 1 sec for 5th

In addition, King/Queen of the Mountain points will be awarded for finishing position 1-5, with 5 points for the winner through to 1 point for 5th

The winner in each category will be the tour leader for the next stage and hold the KOM/QOM jersey.

If any rider cannot make this Friday evening stage they will start Saturday from ‘scratch’ along with all other riders outside the top 5 places.

BONUS PRIZE: $100 cash prize for any male rider who can beat George’s Strava time on the climb or female rider who can beat Niamh’s time. This timing will be taken from Strava, not from race timing. You must use Strava to be eligible for this prize.

Safety Note: Riders will not be allowed to descend the hill until the last rider has finished. Warm clothes/drinks will be taken to the finish line by a race vehicle.


Stage 2: Hope Circuit Kermesse

Registration and Sign on from 8 – 9am at Hope School – Corner Aniseed Valley and Paton Roads.

Mandatory Race Briefing: 9am at Hope School

Race Start from 9.30am

Race Details:

Lunch – Hope School 12.30pm

The riders and their supporters will be provided with a BBQ lunch, a range of food and drink options will be provided. Please email if you have any specific dietary restrictions.

The school pool will be open for riders and supporters to use.


Stage 3: Five Valleys Road Race

Mandatory Race Briefing: 2pm at Hope School

Race Start from 2.30pm

Race Details


Stage 4: Upper Moutere Circuit Road Race

Sign on from 8.30am at Moutere Hills Community Centre, 1539 Moutere Highway.

Mandatory Race Briefing: 9am at Moutere Hills Community Centre

Race Start from 9.30am

Race Details: