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Membership and Racing Licence options

Tasman Wheelers are registered with Cycling NZ.

When you get around to renewing your membership with the club you have 2 options.

1: renew your membership through the club website and the TryBooking system.

This is the recommended joining method particularly if you do NOT plan on racing at the National Championships or other CNZ races. This will cost $50 plus TryBooking admin fee

2: Renew through CNZ website,

Joining through CNZ will give you a “sport” membership to CNZ, [$22.50] membership to the Tasman Wheelers [$54.80] and a National Club Racing licence [$59.90]. That is a total of $137.25.

This is the recommended method if you know you WILL be racing the National Championships or other CNZ races. The extra costs are what CNZ charges.

If you join the Tasman Wheelers club through TryBooking and then later decide to race the Nationals, you will need to "join" again through CNZ to get your Racing Licence.

If you have to pay the "club membership" portion again Tasman Wheelers will refund that cost to you.

Hopefully that all makes sense, if not please see a committee member for clarification


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